Unlimited Features, Unlimited Fun

A showcase of some of our best and most loved features.

Kanka dashboard

Characters, Families, Locations

Keep track of characters, their families, their whereabouts and lots more at all times.


Prepare your next session or log what happened with our rich-text journal feature!

Free to Use

The best things in life are those which are free. No ads, no hidden costs, no pay wall.


Not alone? We've got you covered! You can invite your friends and co-dungeon master to help you build your campaign together!


Permissions can be set for modules, or on each single entity. Campaigns can also be public for the whole world to see.

Frequent Updates

Kanka goes through frequent updates that are submitted by the community.


Every module such as characters or locations can be enabled or disabled at any time, making it easy for you to customise your campaign.


Upload maps of your worlds, cities and caves, and add handy markers and links on them.


Create custom calendars and organise your campaign around them.


Every entity can have a complex web of relations with other entities, including secret relations invisible to your players.


Want to build cool tools that integrate with Kanka? Head over to the API docs.